Mary is my middle name - I don't find my surname very interesting (or aesthetically pleasing). I'm a pretty straightforward gal. I enjoy puppies, a glass of red & doing too much online shopping. I find pure joy in talking about my passions, and I'll be that person that ends up in a debate at family dinner. I like to have a boogie, whether I'm a guest or working at a wedding (or just in the living room, for that matter). My addiction to homewares is growing at a rapid rate, and you may not know this but I taught myself guitar when I was in high school.

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I've always been avidly into photography. As a youngster, my dad would teach me about his collection of film cameras (which was the coolest thing in the world, might I add) and we would go on mini photography expeditions around the place. He taught me the ropes, and it's stuck with me ever since. Capturing my couples in their truest, most authentic form is why I do what I do. To be able to create, whilst hanging out with a couple of awesome humans - pretty sweet, huh?





I have a 'documentary' or 'editorial' style of photography. I love raw, candid, nostalgic imagery, and I have an avid focus on the details. I love to capture fun, inbetween moments (when I'm telling you a terrible joke), along with those intimate, romantic moments when it feels like only the two of you exist. I pride myself on my clean, film-like editing style, which I carefully adapt to suit the lighting situation I am in. With years of experience under my belt, you can rest assured that your love will be seamlessly documented in it's most authentic, purest form.

Fun Facts About Me

I'm a pretty straightforward girly - hanging out with my husband & my dogs is up there with one of my fave things to do. Tell me, what's better than a bottle of red, cozied up on the couch with your loved ones? 


I recently tied the knot with my hubby in May. Getting married & planning a wedding myself altered the way I see weddings. They are stressful, obviously, but it will truly be the absolute best day of your lives. Photography by the wonderful Hayley Rafton.


Fun fact, I DIY'd my own stationery and styling for my bridal shower & wedding. Turns out I loved it so much that I decided to create a side hustle for it - check out For Love & Letters on the gram!

I have a side hustle

"your talent is unreal"

Peter & I just wanted to say we received the sneak peeks and honestly, your talent is unreal. We are so in love with them and we're so smitten reliving our wedding day through them. Thank you so, so much for capturing our special day, we are so happy it was you. Your bubbly and fun personality and great professionalism put us at ease in front of the camera, for people who have never had their photos taken professionally before! We can't wait to see the rest. We will honestly cherish these memories you captured so beautifully for years to come.



Excuse my language... but HOLY SH*T!!! We are so in love with our photos. I couldn't even sleep last night because I was so happy and so excited. We couldn't have imagined anything better.
 Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Jess! I literally got no work done this afternoon and missed my bus stop on the way home because all I have done is cry, look obsessively at these stunning photos, and send them to Dan. Thank you for capturing memories we get to cherish forever, our hearts are so full. We honestly can't thank you enough for being a part of our day - you're so beautiful and genuine, and you made us feel so at ease. It made us feel like we were just hanging out with a friend.